Legal address JSC «Group TAS»:
01032, Kyiv, 30 Simona Petliuri str
tel.: (044) 593-73-01
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Our business

The “TAS” Group is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine, which consists of aound one hundred companies, operating not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries.

Business interests of the Group includes:

Financial Sector

One of the main areas of activity of the "TAS Group” is the financial sector, which represents long-term strategic interest of the Group. Attention to the financial sector is due to its potential for growth and high dynamics of development. This makes the assets in the financial ...

Industry Group

The TAS Group has substantial investments in companies in Ukrainian industrial sector that specialize in manufacture of rail cars, steel casting parts and components for rolling stock.

Real Estate

Since 2004 real estate projects are among the prior business directions of the TAS Group. The strategic goal of this direction is to ensure the long-term market value growth of assets by creating a diversified portfolio of projects in the most dynamic sectors of real estate. This busin ...

Venture Projects

The Group is constantly exploring opportunities to invest in new activities. Our screening and forecasts of various business activities determine the choice of new attractive investment opportunities.

If you would like to work with us in one of the business areas or would like to suggest your project, please contact us