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27 March 2015

Insurance Group "TAS" have maid payments on more than 1 mln UAH only by 3 insurance cases in February 2015

In particular, almost half a million hryvnias were paid to the Insured person - owner of the car Toyota Land Cruiser for insurance contrac after being impacted by hitting an obstacle (tree) in Kyiv.

The company-owner of the combine John Deere, insured by the Insurance contract, received insurance compensation in amount 393 thousand hryvnas by the insurance case, which taken place in Ternopil - full destruction of the car as the consequence of the conflagaration.

Almost 200 thousand UAH was given to the owner of the living house in Kiev region by the contract of the voluntary property insurance due to conflagaration consequences and destruction of the house by the fire.

It should be considered, that car insurance takes more than 16% in the insurance portfoloi of IG "TAS" by the results of 2014, property - appr 5%. So, by the results of 2014 it was paid more than 69 mln UAH by the contracts of car insurance and appr 5 mln UAH by contracts of property insurances.