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30 March 2015

Insurance reserves of the Insurance Company "TAS" crossed the threshold of 1 billion UAH

In 2015, insurance reserves of Insurance company "TAS" crossed a significant threshold and by the end of March reached about 1.1 billion UAH. The number of customers under existing treaties, which have entrusted their money to the management of IC "TAS", is also very huge - more than 170 thousand clients, and this amount is growing.

One of the elements of the stability of the Insurance Company are the Insurance reserves, which is forming according to the names of the current legislation of Ukraine. Exactly reserves show the possibility of the insurance companies to cover the payments for clients. Funds of the reserves cannot be used by the insurance companies in other way than covering the payments for clients.

According to the legislation, rules of the reserves placements are tightly regulated.

Insurers must consider the safety, profitability and diversification placements reserves its customers (according to the article 31 of the Law of Ukraine “About the insurance»). Insurers form separate reserves due to receipt of insurance payments and income from investing most of these reserves to meet their obligations under the life insurance.

But all of things are in direct dependence of the company itself, exactly, her investment policies, choice of the investments partners, monitoring and control of the situation of the finance market.

In 2015 year insurance reserves of the Insurance company TAS” reached the amount of 1,1 bln UAH.

That is, the obligations of the Insurance Company "TAS" to customers are $ 1.1 billion USD! This imposes a great responsibility on her, because the number of customers under existing treaties, which have entrusted their money to the management of SC "TAS", is too large - more than 170 thousand customers and this amount is growing.

Insurance company TAS always refers responsible to her clients on the different stages of the life cycle – from the insurance contract sign until the payment of first insurance fee and to the stage of re-payment of the insurance payments. However, the most attention we pay exactly to the payments for the clients. Because on this stage, exactly in our current economic realities, client worries, much more than ever if any delays take place. Does not matter, what the payment is by the insurance case, by the finish of the contract termination, we should pay all of them in full volume and in the shortest stages. Exactly for this IC TAS made all the operation processes work in the best way, and the Finance management, which make the reserves management.

Our activity are the confirmation of the position of IC TAS by the reserves and payments. More than 94 mln UAH was paid during the 2014; it is 89% more than in 2013.

We understand that payments are the investments in the future of our clients. We will continue to profess conservatism, but reliability in investing activities, and to pay attention to compliance with the obligations on the timing and amount of payments