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22 April 2015

IG "TAS" demonstrates the 37.15% increase in insurance premiums in Q1 2015

Following the March 2015 SG TAS collected 47.79 million. UAH., Which is 40.05% higher than the same period last year and in total the results 3 months 2015 SG TAS collected 141.2 million. UAH., That to 37.15% more than the same period last year.

"We continue to gain momentum since the year before - said Paul Tsaruk, Chairman of the IG" TAS "- In Q1 2014, we showed growth of more than 10% last year closed with a gain of more than 20%, without taking into account the loss of territories outside the control of Ukraine and this rate held throughout the past year, so these figures - the result of systematic work of the whole team. "

The insurance portfolio Green Card is 36.6% (51.73 million. UAH.) MTPL - 25.1% (35.31 million. UAH.) LCA - 13.4% (18.91 million. UAH .), Hull - 12.2% (17.25 million. UAH.) property - 5.3% (7.54 million. UAH.) and other insurance - 7.4% (10.46 million. UAH .).

"IG" TAS "for several years, holds leading positions in the market of mandatory liability insurance of car owners for domestic and international treaties. Almost every 3rd Ukrainian who travels abroad, our company has a policy, and every 10 Ukrainian receives payments from tsyviltsi IG "TAS" - said Paul Tsaruk - So the main increase our portfolio owes our main product - MTPL and Green card, however the results of the quarter, we continue to maintain our position as a comprehensive insurance and LCA. In addition, we noted increased demand for property insurance, which are already in the first quarter of this year, we collected 2 times more premiums from property insurance than the same period of the past. "