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26 May 2015

By the results of April, volume of sales of IG "TAS" raises in 41, 45%

The amount of insurance proceeds collected IG "TAS" in April amounted to 51.78 million. UAH., Which is 41.45% more than was collected in April last year

The major share of revenue accounted for policies of obligatory insurance of civil liability of automobile owners, and "Green Card" - 37.2% that 36.8% respectively. At CASCO contracts accounted 12.1% of payments for April.

In turn, the insurance payments made by the insurance group "TAS" in the second month of spring, totaled 14.62 million. UAH. In this case, by types of insurance in the share of "green card" had 30.7% of payments, the share of MTPL - 23.3%. On land transport insurance contracts, it had 21.5% of indemnities .

In total, the first four months of this year, sales of "TAS" reached the level of 192.96 million. UAH., Which is 38.28% higher than the same period last year. The largest share of the portfolio companies are: policies "Green Card" - 70.79 million. UAH. (36.7%), compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles - 54.58 million. UAH. (28.3%), contracts Hull - 23.52 million. UAH. (12.2%).

In January - April of the insurance group "TAS" was offset 60,680,000. UAH., Which is 0.06% less than was paid by the company during the first four months of 2014. This is the weighty share of payments on compulsory civil liability insurance policies - 18.63 million. UAH., Which is 30.7% of total payments. Followed contracts Hull, which was offset 16,730,000. USD. (27.6%), as well as the policies of "Green Card" - 12.18 million. UAH. (20.1%).