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9 July 2015

Insurance Group TAS paid around 910 thousands UAH for the 4 contracts of the Hull Insurance

Only for the 4 contracts of the insurance of the Hull Insurance IG "TAS" paid in the June 909 504 UAH.

For example, about 526 thous. UAH. IG "TAS" compensated fot the resident of Kiev, whose car BMW X5 was stolen in the capital of Ukraine. In addition, more than 147 thousand. UAH. was paid in Zhytomyr- for the company, whose car VW Jetta was partially damaged by fire. In turn, the refurbishment of BMW 750, belonging to one of the Dnepropetrovsk company cost insurance group "TAS" to 128 thousand. UAH. The car was damaged on the eve of the accident.

At the same time for the damaged in the accident truck TATA company paid about 109 thousand. UAH.