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23 January 2012

The launch of the project certification of financial advisers IG "TAS"

In December, the insurance company "TAS" (life insurance) conducted the first phase of a large-scale educational project.

In December, the insurance company "TAS" (life insurance) conducted the first phase of a large-scale educational project, part of the Group's strategy of "TAS" - certification of employees of their basic insurance partner: "AssisTAS" and "TAS-Finance Consulting." The project is aimed at enhancing knowledge on life insurance and increase the skills of financial consultants.

Training program based on the national and international achievements of the life insurance market and consisted of two courses on the 5 modules, each representing a separate section of insurance. The training was considered an international insurance experience, regulation of insurance activities, methodology development of insurance products, the main trends in the markets of Europe and Ukraine, the specifics and advantages of life insurance. It also covers the main business processes Insurance Company "TAS", for example, the process of discharge of the insurance contract, the settlement of insurance events and the activities of the IC "TAS" in general. Thanks to a comprehensive training program for members of the project certification received thorough and systematic knowledge in the field of insurance, which will allow them to more confidently navigate the peculiarities of financial instruments, and improve efficiency in working with each client.

A course of lectures read company chairman Andrei Vlasenko, his deputy Rostislav Borisenko, and heads of relevant departments of the IC "TAS", with a long experience in the field of life insurance. Upon completion of training, participants who successfully pass the final test, received certificates.

All insurance intermediaries who took part in the first phase of the project, noting its relevance and importance of the knowledge gained in the work of financial consultants. The company plans to continue the certification project in a larger format and supplement the curriculum with new modules.

"In the present circumstances the price of the policy itself is no longer a decisive factor in the insurance contract. The client wants to know what he pays for. So, get great value quality insurance products and high standards of service, which are largely dependent on the people working in the company. So this year we are especially careful in professional training. I believe that this investment in the development and preparation of profit, as financial advisors - one of the main competitive advantages ", - said Andrey Vlasenko, chairman of the IC" TAS ".

• Joint-Stock Company "Insurance Company" TAS "- the largest domestic life insurance company, which operates in the Ukrainian market since 2000. Part of the Group "TAS".
• Today in IC "TAS" has over 100 staff members. Main partners to provide life insurance services are one of the most successful intermediaries rynkestrahovaniya: LLC "AssisTAS" and LLC "TAS-Finance Consulting." Also, the IC "TAS" has its own agent network, which consists of 18 agencies and more than 300 consultants.
• The volume of capital IC "TAS" is 46.31 mln., The amount of reserves - 396.729 million UAH.
• IC "TAS" is a member of the League of Insurance Organizations of Ukraine (LIOU) and the Association of Market Research in Life Insurance (LIMRA).
Group "TAS"
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