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19 December 2011

"TASkombank" offers its customers a loyalty program

Bank of Group "TAS" has developed a loyalty program for its customers.

Bank of Group "TAS" has developed a loyalty program for its customers, providing special offers on deposit accounts.

"We build long-term relationships and are grateful to our customers for the confidence they have us for many years. Our task - to be number one bank for customers and become a for new ", - said Vladimir Dubey, Chairman of the Board of" TASkombank. "

Under the program the bank's clients will receive an additional 1% per annum with a deposit of UAH 10 thousand and 2% - if the deposit amount exceeds 100 thousand UAH. In addition to a higher interest rate, the Bank has prepared gifts for their depositors, including "TAS-card» (Classic, Gold and Platinum). This card gives its holder the exclusive privileges at service companies in the partner program.

"The introduction of loyalty programs - is the next step in the development of complex proposals from the Group companies. In October, we launched a joint program of "TAS-map", which offers our customers a special favorable conditions. For us it is important that the client understands: Contact the company under the name of "TAS", he would receive additional benefits, "- said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of" TAS "Sergei Popenko.

• JSC "TASkombank" was founded in 1989, joined the bank in 2004 to finance and promyshlennoygruppe "TAS", from 2011 - the leader in group 4 banks NBU classification.
• JSC "TASkombank" (until June 2011 JSC "AB" Business Standard "(the public) has a full NBU license 84 from 25.10.2011 to conduct banking transactions in the domestic and international financial markets.
• As of 01.10.2011 bank's assets 2,108,800,000 USD, loan and investment portfolio - UAH 935.3 million, equity - 189.6 million UAH.
Group "TAS"
• Group "TAS" was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest and most dynamic financial-industrial groups in Ukraine. Companies of the group are presented in the following sectors of the economy:
And financial (insurance companies, debt collection agency, financial intermediation, leasing);
-Industry (mechanical engineering and metallurgy);
-Real Estate;
-Venture projects (pharmacy chain, agriculture), etc.
• The assets of the Group "TAS" Management Company "TAS Group".
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