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20 September 2010

Farewell "Dasha" - hello TAS! Changes for the better for you

The pharmacy network "Dasha" has undergone a rebranding process, replacing its name, branding system and fully integrating the company's brand with the TAS Group philosophy. This process involves the active implementation of modern business strategies to achieve the highest standards of quality and promote the values of a healthy lifestyle.

Rebranding TAS Pharmacy Chain - is a natural stage in the development of the company, which has set the goal of becoming a leading national pharmacy chain. To achieve this, TAS is striving not only to enhance its competitiveness and increase market share in Ukraine, but also to create a distinct and recognizable brand and become one of the top three market leaders in sales volume, use of technology and product quality.

These tasks require new marketing approaches, including changes in visual presentation.

“The new, bright pharmacy brand attracts attention, especially owing to its ease of recognition and non-standard coloring," states TAS pharmacy’s General Director, Valery Gudzenko. "As for our company re-branding - that is not simply a change in visual style, but signals a new philosophy in our relationship with the buyer. In addition, the ongoing transformation is an opportunity to build a modern pharmacy network with European standards of quality and service. Enhancing the company’s competitiveness using modern marketing tools will assist us in achieving our goals, but we hope to be quickly able to deliver a meaningful increase in customer satisfaction."

The company's development strategy is being implemented in conjunction with one of the world's leading consultancy firms. The visual representation of the corporate identity has been conceived in conjunction with a Ukrainian advertising agency. The basis for the logo, which is crimson, white and orange in color, is the TAS Group emblem.

An ergonomic store layout, extended opening hours and convenient locations will increase the prominence of TAS pharmacy and help it to attain a leading position in the market, by securing customer loyalty.

All TAS pharmacies adopt a minimarket format and the company slogan " ’!". The company seeks to cultivate the market image of an assistant and advisor for people who respect the principles of a healthy lifestyle and take care of their health, and that of their nearest and dearest.

As part of its social responsibility, the company wishes to support the health of the population and to promote a culture of healthy living. These objectives are inherent in TAS pharmacy’s rebranding, which was concluded in Kiev. The company can now move to a new stage of development.

Source: Press Center, TAS Pharmacy